Çağatay’s Tale

Çağatay Ulusoy’s story reads like the “American Dream” come true… Turkish style! The hyperactive, multi-talented son of hard-working immigrants, he realized at a young age that nature had bestowed unique gifts upon him, and set on to work hard to put them to good use.

“Yeşilçam” – What is Behind Çağatay’s Next Project

The much-awaited news about Çağatay Ulusoy’s next project has finally arrived. As of January 2021, started filming “Yeşilçam” — a limited series produced by Eastern Sunrise Films (ESFilm) for BluTV — where he will perform the leading role. The series is directed by acclaimed and extremely prolific film-maker, writer, and producer Çağan Irmak, well known…

Çağatay, the ‘Philosopher King’

Those who tuned in to the third episode of “Menajerimi Ara” to watch Çağatay Ulusoy resurface on regular TV after a three years absence were in for an authentic treat. In a highly anticipated return, he appeared as a heavily bearded reclusive star, who prefers his remote wilderness hideout to the Istanbul spotlight.