TV and Film

In the course of his decade-old career, Çağatay Ulusoy starred in two (soon to be three) movies and a short art film. He was the lead protagonist of three very successful dizis (Turkish prime-time TV series) and a Netflix original series. He also appeared as a guest star in other shows and filmed a commercial. He will soon take the lead role in a Blue TV and in an Amazon Prime USA series. Please click below for detailed information on, synopses of, trailers (in English whenever possible), and streaming links (whenever available) for each of his works.


BlueTV Series, directed by Çağan Irmak et al., 2021 (currently in pre-production)

Çağatay’s Role: Samih Ateş, (Lead Protagonist)

Kağittan Hayatlar (Paper Lives)

Netflix Original Film, directed by Can Ulkay, 2021 (upcoming release)

Çağatay’s Role: Mehmet, (Lead Protagonist)

Menajerimi Ara (Call My Agent)

Ay Yapım TV Series, directed by Ali Bilgin et al., 2020-

Çağatay’s Role: as Himself, (Guest Star)

Hakan: Muhafiz (The Protector)

Netflix Original Series, directed by Umut Aral et al., 2018-20

Çağatay’s Role: Hakan Demir/Harun Akıncı, (Lead Protagonists)

Içerde (Undercover)

Ay Yapım TV Series, directed by Uluç Bayraktar., 2016-17

Çağatay’s Role: Sarp Yılmaz, (Lead Protagonist)

Colin’s – Bize Uyar (It Suits Us)

Superfilm Commercial, Karpat Agency, 2015

featuring Çağatay Ulusoy and Taylor Hill

Delibal (Mad Honey)

Ay Yapım Film, directed by Ali Bilgin, 2015

Çağatay’s Role: Barıs Ayaz, (Lead Protagonist)

Medcezir (Tide)

Ay Yapım TV Series, directed by Ali Bilgin, 2013-15

Çağatay’s Role: Yaman Koper, (Lead Protagonist)

Emir’in Yolu (Emir’s Way)

Medyapım TV Series, directed by Barış Yös, 2012

Çağatay’s Role: Emir Sarrafoğlu, (Lead Protagonist)

Anadolu Kartalları (Anatolian Eagles)

Film, directed by Ömer Vargı, 2011

Çağatay’s Role: Ahmet Onur, (Lead Protagonist)

Adını Feriha Koydum (I Called Her Joy)

Film, directed by by Barış Yös et al., 2011-12

Çağatay’s Role: Emir Sarrafoğlu, (Lead Protagonist)

Paranoya (Paranoia)

Short Film, directed by Özgür Özer, 2010

Çağatay’s Role: Sole Protagonist