Menajerimi Ara (Call My Agent)

When you are fed up,

Find a place to leave it all behind, where you can be alone with yourself.

Move away from all the noise, to a place where you can listen only to yourself.

Believe me, you will be much happier.

Çağatay Ulusoy as himself


“Menajerimi Ara” – Official Poster

After a three years absence from prime-time TV, Çağatay Ulusoy briefly resurfaced in the third episode of Menajerimi Ara as a heavily bearded reclusive star, who prefers his remote wilderness hideout to the Istanbul spotlight. In so doing, he clearly poked fun at his real-life reputation as one of the most chameleonic but unapproachable actors in Turkey. Moreover, during a conversation with a younger actor in “Menajerimi Ara,” Çağatay indirectly addresses those who complain that he is a recluse, who hardly shares anything with fans. Indeed, he explains that keeping away is his recipe to remain sane and true to himself within the glamorous but at times brutal world of entertainment.

General Information

Menajerimi Ara, which airs on Sundays on STARTV is based on the international hit “Dix pour cent” (“Call my Agent,”) a clever French ensemble dramedy that chronicles the efforts of the ASK artist management company and its four principal agents to keep the business afloat, following the sudden death of its founder. Aptly characterized as ‘an ode to cinema,’ “Dix pour cent” first successfully premiered on the France 2 TV channel and was subsequently acquired by Netflix. Three seasons are available on the global digital platform, while a much-anticipated fourth (and final) season of the show is currently in the works. “Menajerimi Ara” is modifying several features of the original French show. In addition to adding drama, it tones down the sexual tensions quite a bit. Following the French series’ model, several renowned Turkish stars guest star as themselves alongside an exceptional permanent cast.


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