Afra Saraçoğlu, Çağatay Ulusoy and Selin Şekerci

Bir film yaparım, hastalar iyileşir, mevsim değişir”

I make a movie, patients heal, seasons change.

Semih Ateş


Starting in 2021, Çağatay Ulusoy will give life to the character of cinematic producer Semih Ateş in the new BlueTV series “Yeşilçam.” Through his eyes, the show will narrate a tale of love and rebirth, while shedding light on the history of Turkish film during the 1960s. More specifically, it will depict the behind-the-scenes of Yeşilçam cinema, the golden era of Turkish film-making that lasted approximately from the end of WWII to the early 1980s.

General Information

“Yeşilçam” will have two seasons of ten episodes each. It is being produced by Es Film for BluTV. The prolific and acclaimed Çağan Irmak (Çemberimde Gül Oya, Asmalı Konak, Babam ve Oğlum, Ulak, Issız Adam, Tamam mıyız?, Benim Adım Feridun, Gülizar, Çocuklar Sana Emanet) will seat in the director’s chair. The script is the result of a collaboration between Levent Cantek and Volkan Sümbül. The series was announced by BluTV founder and general manager Aydın Doğan Yalçındağ as “the biggest production we have ever made.”

Thus far, the cast of “Yeşilçam,” includes Çağatay Ulusoy in the lead role of Semih Ateş. Afra Saraçoğlu (Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları, Kardeş Çocukları, Öğretmen) in the role of Tülin; Selin Şekerci (Kaçak Gelinler, Kizim, Çoban Yildizi, Çati Kati Ask) in the role of Mine; and Güngör Bayrak (a well-known star of Yeşilçam film famous for Neciye, Süpermenler, Alev and Sabuha) in the role of Belkıs.

Transgender singer/actress and human rights activitst Ayta Sözeri (Paramparça, Ulan Instanbul; Kahramanlar, and Arka Sokaklar); and Yetkin Dikinciler (Mavi Gözlüm Dev, Babam ve Oğlum, Usta, Muhtesem Yüzyil) will also join the series as prominent characters. Negotiations are ongoing with several additional well-known actors in the Turkish film and TV industry. “Yeşilçam’s” cast is clearly emerging as one of the most star-studded ones ever seen on television!

Several actors in the cast are talented singers ( click here for videos of Çağatay Ulusoy, Güngör Bayrak, Ayta Sözeri, Yetkin Dikinciler, and Selin Şekerci singing,) which indicates that the series may have a substantial musical component.

Historical and Cinematic Background

To learn about the production details and the historical background of “Yeşilçam,” please click here for our article on

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