“Yeşilçam” – The Final Review of Season 1 (Eps. 9 & 10)

The last episodes of “Yeşilçam” deliver an extremely satisfactory first-season finale. Contrary to anticipations, the elaborate, fast-paced, and action-packed conclusion manages to tie most loose ends, with no major cliffhangers left behind. Without a doubt, “Yeşilçam” is raising the bar for future Turkish TV series.

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‘Yeşilçam’: The Gift That Keeps On Giving (Review of Episodes 7 & 8)

“Yeşilçam” continues admirably to educate viewers on the key social, historical, and political issues affecting Turkey in the 1960s, whose unresolved legacies still linger in the country today. It also continues to stir the debate around taboo subjects that are only rarely discussed on Turkish television. Last but not least, “Yeşilçam”  keeps on putting a…

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“Yeşilçam”: When Love Is Not Enough (Review of Episode 5 & 6)

International viewers are once again regaled with a crash course on Turkey’s post-WWII history, where external pressures from the Cold War and the Cyprus Crisis exacerbated existing class struggles and ideological conflicts. Amidst this complex historical backdrop and a cornucopia of erudite references, the intertwining tales of “Yeşilçam’s” main characters are becoming increasingly fascinating.

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The View from the Creators: Our Interview with “Yeşilçam” Screenwriters

Levent Cantek and Volkan Sümbül are the clever and erudite screenwriters of “Yeşilçam,” whose first season was recently released with great fanfare on BluTV – the largest digital TV platform in Turkey. The series marks their third collaboration. “Yeşilçam” stars Çağatay Ulusoy as Semih Ateş – a struggling cinematic producer, who seeks love and redemption…

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“Yeşilçam”: Dealing with a Difficult Past (Review of Episodes 3 & 4)

The second installment of “Yeşilçam” was even better than the first. New and interesting characters appeared, existing ones became more delineated, and the narrative took an unexpectedly complex and remarkably substantive turn. Marketed as a dramedy set against the glamorous background of the golden age of Turkish Cinema, “Yeşilçam” is turning out to be a…

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“Yeşilçam”: An Elegant Blast From The Past (Review of Episodes 1&2)

If for any reason you are still on the fence about “Yeşilçam,” it is definitely time to get off it. This series has it all. Comedy, drama, action, suspense, rivalry, love, family, and history all wrapped up into a glamorous package. A very smart script comes to life thanks to outstanding interpretations by many talented…

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