“Yeşilçam”: An Elegant Blast From The Past (Review of Episodes 1&2)

If for any reason you are still on the fence about “Yeşilçam,” it is definitely time to get off it. This series has it all. Comedy, drama, action, suspense, rivalry, love, family, and history all wrapped up into a glamorous package. A very smart script comes to life thanks to outstanding interpretations by many talented Turkish actors; an experienced director, who loves the era; and a production design team, who carefully reconstructed the period sets in minute detail.  

“Yeşilçam” is currently available with English subtitles for a reasonable subscription fee at BluTV. Season 1 will have 10 episodes of one hour each, which will be released one or two at a time each Thursday at 19:00 (Turkish time.) “Yeşilçam” has already been renewed for a second season, which… continue reading on Dizilah–>

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