“Yeşilçam”: Dealing with a Difficult Past (Review of Episodes 3 & 4)

The second installment of “Yeşilçam” was even better than the first. New and interesting characters appeared, existing ones became more delineated, and the narrative took an unexpectedly complex and remarkably substantive turn. Marketed as a dramedy set against the glamorous background of the golden age of Turkish Cinema, “Yeşilçam” is turning out to be a sophisticated historical series, which seeks to confront a dark chapter of … continue reading on Dizilah–>

Yeşilçam” is currently available with English subtitles for a reasonable subscription fee at BluTV. Season 1 will have 10 episodes of one hour each, which will be released one or two at a time each Thursday at 19:00 (Turkish time.) “Yeşilçam” has already been renewed for a second season, which started filming this month.

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